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Mezuzah or מזוזה, means doorpost, but is also the name of a scroll that is placed on the doorpost as a fulfillment of the commandment in Deuteronomy 6:9 and Deuteronomy 11:20

Totofot- טטפת

  Since this topic has come up twice in sofergoy comments recently, I’ve decided to do some reading and share info that I’ve been accumulating for a while about totafot. You probably have not heard this word. That is because … Continue reading

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Finishing Mezuzah

I finally trimmed the Mezuzah that has been sitting on my desk for the past 2-3 weeks. It now fits nicely in the mezuzah tube. Once I had it in the tube, I showed it to Malka (Stephanie) and she … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern

The day after the Pesakh, I wanted to cut the parchment and start preparing for writing the Torah, but I could not decide which direction the skin should be oriented.  Should the spine run horizontally, or vertically.  Head at the … Continue reading

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Pesakh Gifts

For Pesakh, I created a gift for each family with the first line of the Mezuzah, (Deuteronomy 6:4). I did a pretty good dicusssion of the Mezuzah in my March 31 blog entitled “A Finished Mezuzah”. The text was written … Continue reading

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Happiness is a Clean Mouth

The ink has been getting very low in my bottles, and so I decided to replace it, with the new ink that I purchased. When I poured the ink out of the bottles, I noticed how much build up there … Continue reading

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I proof read the mezuzah scroll this morning and fixed some minor issues, that I believe, even with my fix will make the scroll posul (Non- kosher).  But, wait a minute, it’s already that way, because I wrote it. I … Continue reading

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A Finished Mezuzah

I finished the Mezuzah this morning, and it really looks better than I thought. I think my characters always look worse close up, than the page as a whole. If I stop and look at the page closely I see … Continue reading

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Start of a Mezuzah

Yesterday, I prepared feathers, and created a computer template that I could use for writing a Mezuzah. Today, I was able to score the parchment and to write the first three lines of the Mezuzah. It has taken me three … Continue reading

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