This page is mainly for me to keep track of where to buy some of the supplies I have used or will need in the future. It might be good for someone who wants to start writing a Torah…

Tikkun- A master copy of the Torah that can be used as a source for writing the Torah, or also as a practice book for reading the Torah.

Soferim- Instruction guide for writing the Torah.

Sinew – From Centralia Fur and Hide

Parchment-  Pergamena

11 Factory Street
Montgomery, NY 12549
p. 845.649.5806

Silver Electroplate Solution- Caswell Electroplating

7696 Route 31
Lyons NY 14489 USA
Orders: (855) CASWELL
Tech Support: 315 946 1213
Fax: 315 946 4456

Ink- I’ve found several sources. I’ve been using the Old World Ink

Old World Ink -their link seems to be broken

John Neal Books- has Old World Ink

Brittish ink supply- Iron Gall Ink

More decrative inks

Ceramic Razor knife

Kosher Sopher Supplies


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