New Sofer in Town

New Printer Named ShoferOn Sunday, June 24, lightning struck our house, at least according to our neighbor.  We know it did strike close, because it took out everything that was connected to the cable  TV cable or to the ethernet modem that was connected to this cable.

Fortunately there wasn’t much connected, because most of my computers are now connected through wireless. We did loose some hardware, namely:

  1. The cable modem
  2. Vonage router
  3. Wireless Router
  4. Printer

We did not realize that we didn’t have a working printer until last week, when Malkah needed to fax something.  Yes, people still use faxes.  We then realized that the printer was dead.

We decided that if we needed a new printer, it should be one that has airprint, so we can print from our phones. Stephanie ordered it and it came in yesterday. It really is nice and printing from the phone is such a nice feature.

While setting up the printer, I needed a name.  I thought for a moment and then saw my writing table and said:

“Sofer, It has to be sofer.”

and sofer, it is…

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