TNK Different

Sorry for the play on words in the title.  I couldn’t resist. As most of you know I’m a long time Apple aficionado and some of you may remember their “Think Different” campaign from the 1990′s.  Once I wrote the word TNK, it was so much like the word think that the rest just came.

We spent the night last night at Nun’s house, partly because we expected things to go late last night, and partly because I wanted to visit Rosenblum’s World of Judaica today to see if they had a Tikkun Sofferim and Malka (Stephanie) was looking for a TNK.

Rosenblum’s has a new store front in Skokie that we had not been to yet, so we wanted to go their and just browse and see what they had. Nun was looking for some new books as well, so after breakfast we set out.

The new location is very nice, and has plenty of parking.  The store occupies three store fronts, so it seems bigger than it was at their old location.

The person at the cash register had no Idea what a Tikkun Sofferim was. She called to the back room and soon a man was looking at me like I had sprouted a third eye and it was coming out of the top of my head. After searching for a while, he said, “The book exists, but we don’t have a copy”

Malkah was wanting a TNK, but the one she thought she wanted was still in the plastic wrapping, and she decided to simply put off the purchase and besides, we were out of time.

We needed to go get Malkah on a train.  She was going down to see her friend Trish and spend the Fourth of July with her.

After dropping Malkah off, Nun and I decided to go to one more bookstore. Nun took me to Kesher Stam which is located on Touey. This place had possibly more books, and they at least didn’t look at me as if I was an alien or an idiot. They said they didn’t have it, and gave me the phone number of a Sofer in New York who could answer my questions.

As I browsed a bit, I noticed that they had a copy of the TNK that Malkah had been looking at. After looking at it for a while, I decided to buy it.  If Malkah doesn’t want it, I’ll definitely use it.

In fact, since I can’t find a Tikkun for the book of Ruth either, I’m thinking of using this TNK as my source for my copy of Ruth.

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